PREDATORS SAFARI CLUB LIMITED, We would highly recommend booking your African safari tour through us we are licensed and reputable tour operator, it just makes more sense to go with a reputable and licensed tour company who are specialises in travel to Africa and recognised by Tanzania Tourist Board and Ministry of Tourism in Tanzania.

We offer free advice to choose the tour which you would like and suit your travel requirement. Its part of our free service is to make sure your journey to Kenya or Tanzania is tailored as per your unique travel plan and suits your travel budget.

Planning your African safari holiday, it is exciting. Whether you are planning a multiple-country safari Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar, or a simple, comfortable hand-picked tailor made safari to your requirement and budget, we’ll take care of you and advice you the best option how to planned and book your African Safari, talk to us for free advice or email to us.

1) First knowing how many days you want to spend for your travel in Kenya and
Tanzania, at what time of year you want travel and to be there, It is very important information to have when you start planning your trip to Kenya or Tanzania.

2) Secondly, take your time to read and study the information for the tour which you intend to book, is the tour privately for the individuals and check if it has the option to custom to your requirement or check if the tour as a part of a small group. Also, check what is included and what is not included.

The main reason we create and publish tour packages on our website is to give you the ideas with the logistics, accommodation and the routine of the itinerary, excursions, game drives and add on options, with estimated tour prices per person.

Alternatively, you can always contact us, and we have offices in Johannesburg in South Africa, Arusha Tanzania, Nairobi Kenya and in London United Kingdom.
Financial Protection This financial protection is one of the important advantages of booking your tour direct with us PREDATORS SAFARI CLUB, no middle man when dealing with us direct, and we are license tour company recognised by Ministry of Tourism in Kenya and Kenya. And you can read reviews about us in Google and Trip advisory.
Paying for your African safari, We accept online secure payments, credit card payments


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